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After watching that new episode of Supernatural and seeing Bobby Singer again and randomly crying my eyes out for the past few days something dawned on me and I am now proceeding to flip the fuck out. though this would most likely Never happen and my brain is a total dick, I have somehow come up with an awful theory about Bobby Singer's future…

So Bobby has been in hell for over a year but since hell's time runs much more slowly it was a lot longer than a year for him and yet somehow he managed to get by while still seeming almost sane compared to most hell bound souls.

This struck me as odd because it took Dean 50 years for Dean to lose his humanity in hell and, of course Sam's soul was a bloody fucking mess at the end of his time in hell, and yet Bobby came out looking pretty unscathed.

and now this is where my fucked up theory comes in. If I put my Crowley/Bobby feels aside, I believe that Crowley was keeping him half sane for a reason and probably not out of the goodness of his heart. he probably did this because he knew that if he needed to he could use Bobby as Bate for the Winchesters which is one of the reasons why he tried to stop His soul from ascending to heaven.

BUT then Naomi (I hate that bitch) comes in and "saves the day" in order to prove a point to Dean because she wants the Winchesters on her side until she gets what she wants. And now she has a way to get there help, she has Bobby's soul. So now if they don't do what she wants she could do what ever she very well pleases to Bobby.

And I know that's ridiculous but I love Bobby and I'm scared and this fucking season has been so god damn emotional! And heaven's been so god damn corrupt and what if they give Bobby a rocking chair and he flips his shit and starts kicking spiritual, heavenly ass?!

And now for some weird ass reason I keep imagining that Bobby spent his time playing some weird ass hell version of drunken 'demons vs. hunters' strip poker; and, oh god, now I have to draw a picture of that…
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United States
hi! i realy love anime. alot (i only watch in sub). like hetalia, kuroshitsuji, pandora hearts, ohshc, katekyo hitman reborn,, shugo chara, ao no exorcist, toradora, durarara, fairy tail, tokyo mewmew, naruto, bleach, fruits basket, uta no prince sama, and ALOT more. i also love yaoi fan pairings and fanfics.. dont judge. i love anime cons and cosplaying :) i can't keep a straight face in geography because everytime we learn about place like germany or japan or i look at a world map i start to giggle uncontrolably; but on the bright side hetalia helps me pass :) so yeah that's it for now i guess... oh yeah! i'm also 15

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